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Largest selection of carnival games in the area.

Our carnival midways provide everything you need to have an affordable fun-packed town festival, company picnic, or a successful carnival party fundraiser.

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Stand the Bottles

Feed the Clowns

Knock Em Down Game Boxes

Magnet Fishing

Barrel Games

Beat the Game Game Boxes

Midway Milk Can

Clown Town

Block Games

Fishing for Prizes

Prizes Not Included

Throwing Lane Mat

Plate Smash

Speed Pitch Radar Gun 

Ring the Bell "High Striker"

Dunk Tank Game

Mini Putt Putt Golf 

Arcade Style Puck Shuffle 

Arcade Style Bowl-R-Rama 

Arcade Style Roll A Bal

Junior and Senior Strong Arm

Bulls-Eye Washer 

"Wack It!" Catapult 

Duck Pond Game

Water Bowls

Pop A Balloon

Duck Cork Shoot

Ring A Coke Box

Fish Bowl

Happy Face Man

Ring A Duck

Shark Fishing 

Texas Tic Tac Toe

Ring A Jug

Cover The Spot

Big Mouth

Toilet Ball

Down A Clown

Carnival Milk Can Games

All Star Milk Can

The Sports Can Milk 

Dirty Rotten Kitty Milk Can

Kitty Cones Milk Can 

Mad Balls Milk Can 

Real Mad Cow Milk Can

Halloween Milk Can

Polka Dot Ball Milk Can

Bull Balls Milk Can

Bomb Ball Toss Milk Can

Knock Em Off and other unique Block Games

Ring Toss Block

Mail Man Block

Baby Chair Block

Rocket Golf Block

Jumping Frogs Block

Texas Ring Toss Block

Wooden Bottle Block

Old Crows Block 

Table Club Block

Can Smash Block

Milk Bottle Block

Gator Barrel Block

Bat Bottle Block 

Clown Bowling Block

Las Vegas Games

Real Slot Machines

6ft. Money Booth

Las Vegas Dice Cage 

Dice Coin Toss 

Color Wheel of Fortune

Three or Three Wheel of Fortune

Dice Game Box

Bongo Face Dice 

Rolling Dice For Prizes

Bingo Game Kits

Fun House Mirrors

A Party’s Not a Party Without Games! Extreme Play and Carnival Party offers a large selection of high-quality interactive party games to add some extra fun to any carnival or event. Our inventory includes a variety of inflatable games, carnival games, casino games and dunk tanks. Pair them with inflatable bouncers and fun food machines for an action-packed event, or rent them on their own for a day full of interactive fun.When you rent games from Extreme Carnival Party, you can play for up to four hours at no additional charge. Since most game rental companies limit rentals to two-hours before additional charges apply, customers call Extreme Carnival Party games a win, win. And it’s just one reason so many customers choose Carnival Party over the competitors. We deliver games to locations throughout the River Valley, Northwest Arkansas, and Oklahoma, and pick them up when the party’s over. There’s a 50% deposit required, so reserve early! Save time by booking your game rentals online, or call 479-996-9304 to speak with a Carnival Party representative.Rent party games and make your event an occasion to remember!

Other Carnival Party Games Available:

Inflatable Games

Inflatable Movie Screen

Laser Tag Rental

Dunk Tank Rental