Obstacles & Games


We Have the Largest Selection of Inflatable Games, Rock Walls, and Mechanical Rides in Fort Smith, Northwest Arkansas, and Eastern Oklahoma.


Our obstacle courses and games are fun for all ages. Call 479.996.9304 or Email (funcarnivalparty@gmail.com) us for questions and reservations.



Obstacle Course Slide Combo

40ft Jr. Obstacle Course

Inflatable Skee Ball

Homerun Baseball Challenge



Floating Ball Race Game

Three Sports Challenge

Air Hose Hockey Game

30ft Bungee Run and Joust



Air Shot Ball Game

Boxing Ring Game Bouncer

Bouncie Horse


One Bouncie Horse can be used inside our Boxing Ring Game Bouncer like a rodeo arena for your cowboy party or up to three Bouncie Horses can be used on the ground for a horse race.


Floating Ball Spot Shot

Adrenaline Rush 3

Adrenaline Rush Extreme

Gladiator Jousting



All in 1 Sports Challenge


Boxing Ring 2

Crossover Obstacle



Hawaiian Obstacle Course

Climbing Rock Wall

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Surfboard




Large Generator




Check Out This Great Obstacle Course for Little Kids.


It provides a great play space for Preschool toddlers to Kindergarten-aged children. If you are planning an end-of-year school party or a family day for your business, be sure to book this one.


18ft x 24ft Frog Safari Playground